About Us

What we do at EBS.

Befriending is an act to become a friend to someone, especially when they are in need of help and support

Everyone needs other people in their lives, but not everyone has someone. As a society we all have very busy lives and often fail to see that many people around us family, friends and neighbours can become isolated because of ill health, disability, bereavement and much more and being introduced to a befriender often fills a big gap.

Befriending offers support with reliable volunteers to people who would otherwise be isolated or to give care givers a much needed break.

Befriending also helps people to re-focus by giving them the oppertunity to build up new friendships, pursue old and new hobbies and interests. It also increases self-confidence and a sense of belonging

Befriending telephoning is for people who dont want someone to come to their home but would enjoy a weekly chat or for carers who would appreciate a chat to relieve the demans of their caring roles.

Oasis Wednesday is held in Elim Christian Centre every Wednesday from 10am to 2pm. There will be a light lunch provided. There will also be a range of varied activities held weekly but most of all the oppertunity to come along and enjoy the company of others.