About Us

About EBS

Elim Befriending Service (EBS) was established on the 11th January 2016. We are a befrienidng service based in Motherwell. We are also run by volunteers. We work together within the community to provide services to people that are considered to be vulnerable, who are socially isolated and in need of some support and/or assistance.

We beleieve that lonelieness and isolation has a real negative impact on the health and wellbeing we hope that our services can help decrease that within our local community. Through consultation and feedback with the local council, other services within the area are over subscribed and in some cases, individuals are on a waiting list - waiting for the help and support that they need.

It is expected that by the year 2023, the over 65 population within the local area is going to increase by 20.6% - This meaning that services such as EBS will be in demand and become increasingly more popular and have a bigger imoact within the community.